Featured Poet:
Lorne Foster
is a Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration and Director of the Masters of Public Policy Administration and Law program at York University in Toronto. His research revolves around issues of race and ethnicity as areas of public policy. He was nominated for two Media Human Rights Awards, “for alerting, informing and sensitizing the public with regard to the nature and value of human rights in Canada” in 2001. Among his many publications  he is the author of  “Turnstile Immigration: Multiculturalism, Social Order and Social Justice in Canada.”

- Hope Is Something in Toronto


Poets & Poems:
Kane X. Faucher is an assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario. He is the author of 10 novels and poetry collections as well as over 1000 academic articles, poems, short fiction, reviews, and journalistic pieces internationally. He is a recipient of the &Now Award for Most Innovative Writing, and his new collaboration, [+!], with Matina Stamatakis and John Moore Williams has tackled a new poetics of de- and re-composition on the basis of lysicology.

- Epistemological Shoelaces
- Auto-Sodomination


Ann Walters
lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two young daughters. Her poetry has been published in Grey Sparrow Journal, Merge Poetry, The Pedestal Magazine, Perigee, Poet Lore, and many others.

- Five Clouded Days in Ragtime

- Death of the Blues


Diane Dean-Epps graduated from California State University at Sacramento majoring in Communication Studies with a Broadcasting concentration, as well as completing a Business Administration minor.  After a diverse and rewarding ten-year career in television broadcasting, she wended her way to a Master of Arts in English, earning several publishing credits in the process, including her master’s thesis highlighting the work of author, Langston Hughes entitled, Changing the Exchange.  Dean-Epps lives and works in northern California where she is currently at work on her latest book of poetry, Quiet Boundaries. Though she has several books in publication; Maternal Meanderings (Humor), Last Call (Humorous Mystery) and KILL-TV (Humorous Mystery) her numerous essays have appeared in a variety of periodicals, including The San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento magazine, The Union, and The Contra Costa Times.
- Barriers


Karina Peatey was born in 1988 and grew up in rural New South Wales, Australia. She began to write poetry at the age of eleven and is currently residing in Norway with her partner, devoting much time to writing.

- Nine Cards

- Last Laugh


wade roczniak is in his mid 20's and still in school taking a 3 year television broadcasting course. He writes a lot of technical scripts at school but his passion seems to be with poetry, oddly enough he only really got into it around 4 years ago.

- postscript

- sundazed


Patrina Mercury has rediscovered her love for writing poetry. She recently completed a body of work that she is working to have published. Last year, she returned to live in the GTA after spending fifteen years in Rochester, New York.

- Angels and Demons


Jaki McCarrick is a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin. Her first play, The Mushroom Pickers, won the 2005 Scottish Drama Association's National Playwriting Competition, and premiered at the Southwark Playhouse in London in May 2006 and in New York in February 2009. She has published poetry in Poetry Ireland Review, Revival, Boyne Berries, Cyphers, Cathach, Word on the Street, and short stories in The Dublin Review, Verbal Arts Magazine, Cyphers, Brace - published by Comma Press. She was Writer-in-Residence at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre for the Pushkin Trust in July 2007 and her latest play, Leopoldville, has just been shortlisted for the 2009 Kings Cross Award for New Writing. She recently won first prize in the Northern Ireland Spinetinglers Dark Fiction competition and this year she was part of the 2009 Poetry Ireland Introduction series of emerging poets.

- Merce Cunningham is Dead

- Modern Dance for Beginners

- Transmogrification


Frank A. Possemato Was born in Boston and holds a Masters degree in Writing from Dartmouth College and currently teaches at one of the nation’s most diverse community colleges. His poetry and fiction has been published in journals and magazines in the US and UK. He is also the co-creator, with his brother Joey, of the cult comedy show "Weymouth After Dark."

- Generation

- Permanent Damage


David Armando Zelaya was born in Gaithersburg Maryland, a suburb of Washington D.C. He was a student at Montgomery College for three semesters before transferring to the University of Maryland College Park. While there he studied Government and Politics with a focus in economics. He is an Infantry 2nd LT in the U.S. Army waiting to go to training. His favorite poem is Paradise Lost by John Milton. His favorite book is V. by Thomas Pynchon. 

- Oblivious

- A Step and its Owner


Paul Barclay is an ex-pat Canadian poet now living permanently in Korea. He studied literature at the University of Toronto (MA) and the University of Manitoba (PhD studies--ABD). A chapbook of his poetry (Creole) was published by Pachyderm Press in Winnipeg in 1993; and during the early 1990s he published a poetry zine (Dark Road Poetry) and several poetry/graphic books (Losing It, The Winnipeg Moon).

- Sad Low Bop Lotus

- Night Music


Keely Hyslop graduated from UCSD in 2006 with a B.A. in philosophy and literature (writing emphasis). After working as a web content writer
for three years she decided that making money was much less fun than writing poetry. She is currently attending the MFA poetry program at SFSU and getting much better at driving in heavy fog. Before leavingnSan Diego she was twice the feature at T.M.I., San Diego's infamous
and now defunct queer/feminist open mic. She also founded the San Diego Feminist Book Group which still meets twice a month at the Rubber Rose. She has published in 400 Words and Shrapnel.

- Ella Fitzgerald Tells a Love Story


Christopher Mulrooney has written poems in Drunken Boat, The Broadkill Review, Caesura, Moloch, and The Delinquent.


- Turtle Lagoon


Shamari Roberson aka (The Rockca) is a graduate of Journalism from California State University, Sacramento, Class of 2000. A published author of genre fiction. The novel is called Ataska and is available with Barnes and Noble and Amazon Books. In the poet's spare time is spent playin guitar and writing screenplays.

- Neteru Council


Michael Tisdell is a poet from London in his early twenties with a particular interest in the language of advertising and popular culture and the possibility of a language that represented something more like truth.

- Hastings

- Go-Faster Stripes


Jack Conway’s newest book is King of Heists, recommended as one of the best book’s of the season by Reader’s Digest and The New York Post. His poems have appeared in Poetry, The Antioch Review, The Columbia Review, The Hiram Poetry Review, Rosebud, Yankee, Rattle, Folger’s and the Norton Anthology of Light Verse among others. He teaches English at the University of Massachusetts and Bristol Community College.

- Death of a Bee Keeper

- Another Case of Mistaken Identity


Seth James is an unpublished poet looking to get his work beyond his blog. He has attended school for theatre and is now an actor in NYC, but always had a passion for writing poetry.

- Walking Along 23rd Ave Before the Big Rain


JKS Makokha is a Kenyan author living in Berlin, Germany. His recent-most book, Reading M.G. Vassanji: A Contextual Approach to Asian African Fiction (2009), is a critical introduction to the fiction of one of East Africa's leading novelists. Makokha teaches courses in African and South Asian literatures at the Institüt für Englische Philologie at the Freie Universität Berlin.

- History of Myth

- Halves of Truth

- Genesis


Mervyn Cooke born July, 1953 Castledawson South Derry, Ireland close to the birhtplace of one famous Seamus Heaney.
He knew nothing of poetry till September 2007. Had poetry lain dormant in his heart for 50 years. Had he been deaf to desire, to express emotion.
No - simply, his father died and, complicatedly, the outpourings of grirf form his heart reflect his upbringing, his childhood, his humble summer vacations on the North Derry coast over the 1950-1960s summers while his Mother convalesed.

- Death of an Aunt

- Butlers Bridge


Jeimmy Cesar graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman's College (now Randolph College) in Lynchburg, VA with a bachelor's degree in communication studies. She has danced for the past 10 years and worked in non-profit organizations while writing observations down in journals. As her final project, she put together a collection of poems for her senior dance history course entitled "Philosophy of Dance."

- My Fascination with Sleepers

- Tchaikovsky


Ben Velazquez is a Sixth Grader and Tuba player in the Boerne Independent Schools. He is a gifted writer (and budding astrophysicist) that lives with many animals and his pragmatic family in rural Boerne, Texas.  He is currently the principle intern of The Guadalupe Valley Poetry Celebration.

- My Spoiled Bunny


J.R. Solonche- Biographical: No information provided at this time.

- I Hate Jazz


Joe Wetteroth is the son of two Catholic school teachers and the grandson of a bartender and washing machine repairman. He writes with a St. Louis, MO group known as Get Born who perform monthly readings throughout the city. A sample of his work can be found in Get Born Volume One. Wetteroth is currently on sabbatical in Chicago, IL working at an all night diner and finishing two books of poetry.

- Soul Eyes

- No Need For A Plow


Rebecca Singh is a writer and performer based in Toronto, Canada. She has been incorporating her writing with performance and recently had a residency in the Spoken Word Program at the Banff Centre for the Arts in Banff, Alberta. She has written several articles which were published in the Canadian Theatre Review and recently wrote and performed her first full length solo play, My Origami Motorcycle.

- Maiden Song


Jason Joyce is a very recent graduate of the University of Wyoming with a bachelors in Business Administration and a minor in Creative Writing. He is pursuing a career in event promotion and entertainment management. He plays bass for the Cheyenne, WY based band "Save My Hero". Jason is currently working on his first full-length collection of poems. You can find out more about his writing on his blog at jasonrjoyce.blogspot.com

- Release of Liability

- A Natural History for Outlasting the Summer


Daniel Klawitter is an ordained minister and community organizer in Denver, CO and had poetry previously published in Sacramental Life, QuietMountain: New Feminist Essays, Blue Collar Review, The People's Tribune, and most recently in Trails of Hope and Terror by Orbis Books.

- Birth of The Cool


Devika Menon was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Known as Devika for as long as she walked this earth, is fascinated by human behaviour and gained her education in that area.

- Kya Yaad Aathi hain humaari (and translation)


Gargi Saha’s poetry is her  passion.  She has been scribbling poems since childhood.  She  writes  on nature, man, feminism, celebrations, and metaphysics.  Her  first poem book in English entitled ‘THE MUSE IN MY SALAD DAYS’ was published in 2000.  She was awarded the ‘Excellence In World Poetry Award’.

- Misery Misery Everywhere



Christopher T. Connor grew up in Tokyo, Japan as a gaijin curiosity. He currently resides somewhere in Canada. He is a Writer/Comic/Doer of Good Deeds who has written articles for several online and print publications. He was written two, as of yet, unpublished novels; A Barbarian Drunkard in Tokyo and Lukewarm Whiskey: A Canadian Story.

- The Celebration Continues Until You’re Broke


Catherine Frazer poet, commentator and erstwhile menial laborer, writes for the joy of it  - no more, no less.  Mrs. Frazer obtained a B.A in Anthropoloy and History from Texas Tech University and has been observing and warily recording the habits and habitats of fellow Texans ever since.  She also received an M.A. in English Literature - which elevated her bookshelves to poetic heights.  Catherine lives with her cat, Achilles, in Fort Worth, Texas  where they shred paper and engage in other catlike behavior.  

- A Murder of Crows

- The Ravens

- Night Fowl

Anthony Velazquez is a mysterious hobo poet and prose writer that spends his time riding the rails between Central Texas and Canada.  He has written most of his work on walls and scraps of paper while habitating in boxcars and below the iron and steel bridges he has called home. This is his first formally published work of prose.

- Pocket Knife